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PIRFO Qualifications

Certificate 3 in Observer Operations (PIRFO)
This qualification is a requirement to operate as an observer in the Western & Central Pacific Ocean and prepares candidates for emergencies that may occur at sea, to work safely and effectively, to perform basic navigation and communication and to undertake observation, monitoring and reporting duties required of an observer. The qualification will specify which fishing methodology or methodologies (pole & line, purse seine, long line) the holder of the qualification is trained in to undertake observer duties. There are a number of endorsement units that a holder of the qualification can complete and be awarded a micro-qualification in that unit including perform port sampling operations, carrying out biological sampling of catch, reporting electronically, interpreting electronic monitoring operations, and monitoring and applying chain of custody processes and procedures.

PIRFO Micro-qualifications and skill sets


A micro-qualification enables a person to undertake training and assessment in a specific skill area in the observer programme without completing a full qualification. An example in the PIRFO programme is the training undertaken to become a port sampler. Another example is where a person only completes training to be a PIRFO Trainer rather than complete the full Certificate 4 in Training & Assessing. Generally, however, micro-qualifications are completed in addition to the core or mandatory units of competency of a full qualification and provide an endorsement on an existing qualification that demonstrate the holder is trained to undertake those extra duties. A micro-qualification can be a single unit of competency, or combinations of units of competency from the PIRFO Training Framework. 

If a micro-qualification is completed a micro-qualification should be issued as well as a statement of attainment that represents the unit or group of units trained and assessed. The code/s and name of the competency or competencies completed should also be included. For example, a qualified observer may also want to be endorsed to interpret electronic monitoring operations so completes training and assessment in the relevant unit from the PIRFO Qualification Training Framework. This then provides certified proof that the holder is endorsed to undertake these duites as an endorsement to their Certificate 3 in Observer Operations (PIRFO).

PIRFO Port Sampler Micro-qualification

Micro-qualification in Port Sampling Operations (Completion of Unit PIROBS2.01E – Perform port sampling operations)

PIRFO Observer Micro-qualifications

Micro-qualification in Biological Sampling of Catch (Completion of Unit PIROBS3.06E – Carry out biological sampling of catch)
Micro-qualification in Reporting Electronically (Completion of Unit PIROBS3.07E – Report electronically)
Micro-qualification in Interpreting Electronic Monitoring Operations (Completion of Unit PIROBS3.08E – Interpret electronic monitoring operations)
Micro-qualification in Chain of Custody Processes and Procedures (Completion of Unit PIROBS3.09E – Monitor and apply chain of custody processes and procedures) Statement of Attainment in Marine Radio Telephony* (Completion of Unit PIROBS3.10E – Transmit and receive information by marine radio or telephone)
* A successful candidate is likely to be issued a recognised certificate in marine radio operations from an accredited agency in lieu of a statement of attainment.

PIRFO Debriefer Micro-qualification

Micro-qualification in Mentor and Assess a Trainee Debriefer  (Completion of Unit PIRDEB4.04E – Mentor and assess a trainee debriefer)

Approved PIRFO training institution under EQAP

How to apply 

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