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Get to know more about the Pacific Islands Regional Fisheries Observers Trainers

PIRFO Trainers

The Road to Becoming a PIRFO Trainer and Assessor
The PIRFO Trainer Development Programme

SPC and FFA have been developing and running a Pacific Islands Regional Fisheries Observer (PIRFO) Trainer Development Programme (PTDP) since 2008. Candidates from Pacific Island countries such as PNG, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, FSM and Fiji have been or are involved in the PTDP.

Outline of the PIRFO Trainer Development Programme
The PTDP has the following components:

  1. Trainee Trainers attend 6 observer courses as attachments (a course is for a duration of 5 weeks). During attachments the trainee is exposed to progressively more involvement in observer training, as described in the PIRFO Trainee Attachment Programme.
  2. Following the attachments (or between attachments if trainee has satisfactorily participated in at least three attachments) the trainee will be invited to join in a recognised (certificate IV level) Train the Trainer course.
On satisfactory completion of the six attachments and certificate IV level Train the Trainer workshop a trainee is eligible for certification as a PIRFO Trainer. Attachments are only considered satisfactory if the supervising PIRFO Trainer at that training verifies that the candidate has demonstrated the skills expected of them at that stage of the development programme.

A certified PIRFO Trainer will be eligible for employment alongside other certified PIRFO Trainers to help organise and deliver PIRFO Basic Training. They can also deliver refresher training and other in-house training activities, such as specialist training units that they have been endorsed to deliver1.

A certified PIRFO Trainer will NOT be eligible to supervise PIRFO Basic Training and so cannot deliver a full basic training alone but must work under guidance of a PIRFO Trainer and Assessor.

  1. Opportunity to attend a further recognised certificate IV level ‘Train the Assessor’ course will be made to a certified PIRFO Trainer who demonstrates they have the right aptitude and who wishes to upgrade their qualification to become a certified PIRFO Trainer and Assessor.
A PIRFO Trainer and Assessor can be employed to oversee and coordinate the organisation and delivery of PIRFO Basic Training 2.

SPC and FFA will monitor and supervise trainers for a period of time prior to certification.

PIRFO Trainee Attachment Programme

First attachment
Once the nominating PIRFO provider has confirmed that an invited candidate will be able to attend, their first attachment will start at the next observer course venue. At this introductory attachment the PIRFO Trainee Trainer will start collecting training materials, notes, guides, manual and presentations (hard and electronic copies) from throughout the course.

The trainee will be required to deliver a trip report at the end of the first attachment that describes the overall course, materials collected and some of the activities conducted during the observer course